Ever thought about becoming a pilates instructor?

Fluid Fusion is excited to offer a pre training apprenticeship! Meghan Campbell is the studio owner of Fluid Fusion and has over 15 years in teaching experience and specializes in teaching exercise to the injured population as well as making classes challenging and exciting for all fitness levels.

This is an opportunity to gain real work experience and prepare you for high level certifications such a Polestar without the huge financial commitment.

If you are already in a Pilates program Meghan can also sign off on the required hours and offers studio time to practice safe and efficient exercises.

Please email or call the studio for further inquiries.

Student Teacher Apprentice Academy
  • 2 week program: $350
    -Includes 20 per week Hours Full Studio Access

  • 1 Month program: $700
    -Includes 30 Hours per week Unlimited Studio Access
    -Includes 1 Workshop

  • Unlimited Program: $200 per month $2400 Year
    -Unlimited Studio Access
    -Includes All Workshops
    -MindBody Online & Studio Business On Job Training
    -Learn Student Fitness Consultations
    -Learn how to work with injured clients.
    -Self Mastery Workout Anytime & Any Class With Availability.
    -Post Certificate Hours for Apprentice Complete Gain (or end of your year last few months)
    -Your OWN class at our studio for your resume.

  • Expert Trainer Privates:
    -Pay as you go $65
    -1 x per week $250 per month
    -6 Lessons Per month $285
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